News from Canada

Mary Hel of Christians center in Toronto ( Ontario)

DonBosco-canada2016Just to give you a glance of our feast of Don Bosco with the Salesian Family. What a beautiful day. First picture, the hall, 2nd in the church with so many people, renewal of the Cooperators’s promise, young people at lunch, Cooperators serving, Group of Indian Past Pupils. We had 10 groups and one of each group spoke 2 or 3 minutes about their group:
1. Past Pupils of FMA Union of Scarborough: Lucilla Bonfantin
2. Past Pupils of Don Bosco from Philippines: Mr. Oswald De los Santosrenovacion2016-canmaux
3. Past Pupils of Don Bosco from India: Mr. John Fernandes
4. Chinese Past Pupils: Rodney Leung
5. ADMA: Margaret Pupulin
6. Savio Club: John McHugh
7. Youth ministry: Mariel Cabrera
8. VIDES: Bernadette Aman
9. DBV (Don Bosco Volunteer): Father John Puntino
10. Cooperator: Veronica Ljubicic
We listen to the Video of the Rector Major to the Salesian Family, we gave the letter of the Rector Major to the young and we saw two video clips on the life of Don Bosco. We were 164 plus. We even had three persons who were Past Pupils from Becchi. The Cooperators were very active to prepare the table, to serve and to clean. Last week I got three old members of the Cooperators from the first group and they also renewed their promise. It was a real Salesian gathering. They sang songs of Don Bosco and they express their joy of being together as ONE FAMILY.

With affection,
Sr Alphonsine

St-John Bosco center ( Sherbrooke, Quebec)

Meetings in 2016: March 2nd, May 4th, October 5 th, December 7th

Salesian Family Day: April 2 nd and in November , both held in Montreal with the SDB, FMA, ADMA members, VDB and ex-alumnos

A group of 6 aspirants is in a formation

On St-John Bosco Feast the Salesian Cooperators attend a Mass presided by the SDB delegate and then had a supper in a restaurant in town

Mr Gilles Leonard, SC
Coordinator of St-John Bosco center

Center Our Lady of Good counsel ( Surrey, British Columbia)

Canada, 2016.- Best wishes from the Salesian Cooperators of Our Lady of Good Counsel.

Our Salesian Cooperators are quite involved in the activities of the parish, i.e. PREP, Eucharist Ministry, Altar Server training, Lectors, Counting Saturday and Sunday Mass collections, Choir, the annual Don Bosco 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament. Mentoring and Counseling the Young Caglieros Youth Movement.

The year of 2015 began with preparation to celebrate the Feast Day of St. John Bosco on Jan. 31st, at which time, we had a Mass followed by a Parish Potluck Dinner. Following the dinner and to celebrate both the Feast Day of St, John Bosco and the 200th anniversary of his birth, there was a fun skit put on by members of the Salesian Cooperators, Past Pupils, Young Calliero Outreach Movement (YCOM) which was like a TV interview of various Salesian Family members who explained to the audience who they were and what they did and explained the function of Salesian Cooperators or Past Pupils and their involvement in the Parish.

The next big event took place on Feb. 28th, 2015. It was our annual Don Bosco 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament. Invitations were sent out to various schools and clubs in Greater Vancouver in early December 2014 and a follow-up reminder in early January 2015. The tournament was open to children aged 8-17 and was once again, a big success with 50 teams participating.

Because the Parish is so involved with the youth, it was thought that it would be nice for the youth to show appreciation for the seniors who helped build the parish. The YCOM group was approach and asked if they would be interested in having a Senior Appreciation Day Tea on a Saturday afternoon. They agreed and with some financial help from the Cooperators and with a couple of our Salesians Cooperators offering to oversee the planning and implementation for the event, the Afternoon Tea took place on April 26th, 2015. The youth purchasing and preparing the food and drinks, serving the food and drinks and entertained the seniors as well. The seniors had a wonderful time and offered their thanks afterwards to the youth for doing the event for them.

The Salesian Cooperators were also involved in assisting the Pastor and Rector in planning the activities surrounding the celebration of the 200th Anniversary of Don Bosco’s birth.

Our next big challenge was what to do for the celebration of the 200th anniversary of Don Bosco’s birth. For this, it was decided that a musical on a dream of Don Bosco would be a wonderful theme. Over a period of several months, members of the Salesian Cooperators mentored, coached, helped find resources, supervised, feed, encouraged and motivated, (in a nutshell guided and supported) the children and youth who made “His Dreams Our Realities – A Don Bosco Musical” a success.

About a week after celebrating the 200th anniversary of Don Bosco’s Birth, the Salesian Cooperators supported and assisted in launching Gospel Roads 1 at Our Lady of Good Counsel Parish (OLGC), as well as being involved in the planning, feeding and cleaning at the Youth Centre.

Throughout the year, members of our Salesian Cooperators mentor, guide, and support the youth group, Young Caglieros Outreach Movement. We have now planned and laid the foundation for the formation of Salesian Youth Movement at OLGC.

As far as 2016 is concerned, we had a celebration on the Saturday, Jan. 30th for the Feast of St. John Bosco. It began with a late afternoon Mass followed by a potluck. The Cooperators supported the Past Pupils for this event and brought food to share with those attending. Once again, it was a wonderful celebration of the Feast of our Founder and Model, St. John Bosco,

As in the past, we are currently involved in putting on the 14th Annual 3 on 3 Don Bosco Basketball Tournament. This year, we have a total of 38 teams participating. A few teams less the some of the previous years; but still a respectable amount. During the tournament. which I didn’t mention above, we also hold a festival in the OLGC school auditorium. The children participating in the tournament as well as their brothers, sisters, friends and any children from the area are welcome to come and have a good time. We have a Wheel of Fortune, Jumping Castle, Inflatable Sport Station, Face Painting, Shaping Balloons and Crafts. There will also be free Pop Corn and Ice Cream for all, as well as coffee for the adults.

Currently, I have the names of three individuals who are considering entering formation to become Salesian Cooperators.

As far as activities over the next several month are concerned, we will continue to be involved in our various Parish ministries, as well as continue to work on the formation of the Salesian Youth Movement and helping and supporting our Young Caglieros Outreach Movement.
Since Gospel Roads I in 2015, we will be working to implement and improve the experience we had to welcome our guest on their mission to help the poor.

I’m sure other events will likely come up during the year; however, for now that’s about it.

In Don Bosco,