Let´s read how was the visit of Angel Fernández in the story of a Salesian Cooperator from El Salvador:

“When I was noticed in my Center Cooperators about the visit of Mr. Angel Fernandez Artime, the 10th Rector Major, my heart was beating and I got ready for that moment. I wanted to live the moment, see him and feel the emotion …. I got to the parish Don Rua early in the morning. There was the hole SYM (Salesian Youth Movement) gathered. I was about to sit down, when I heard a joyfull voices calling me: Malu! Malu, and there were 3 Salesian Cooperators (Karlita, Rosy and Veronica)
Everybody was so excited and telling “is coming is coming …. at that moment, an emotion ran the place when they said” He is already coming !, ” Believe me that my 3 sisters and I were shouting and we jumped in our place.
At that time, we completly forgot about the years, knees thundering, other pounds and shame! We kept shouting: “Don Angel! Don Angel! “And suddenly, without anesthesia, He was there! Did he start to walk? Nooo! The first thing he did was to embrace girls and boys. Children broked their line to ran into his arms … When he finished the line, what do you think he did? He returned! Yes, he did! Because he wanted to embrace the teenagers of the other line. This gesture put goosebumps and tears filled in my eyes. Specially when I saw that he gave a hugh to my daughter ….

When he say Hi to the girls and boys he started to walk on our direction: “Hello … Hello … Great to see you so happy huh? I´feel Happy too!”. He tried to move, but he could not advance because more young people wanted to take a picture and say hello to him

In the middle of a sea of teenagers, we were in a group of Salesian Cooperators, who slowly and with a heart full of hope, wanted the opportunity to hug him and to take a picture! why not?. And the moment expected came and WE HAVE THE CHANCE!! Mr. Angel Fernandez went to say Hi to us!!! “Hello my friend!” he said to me!! …I was astonished. That was my moment: “Don Angel could you take a picture with you? He was so friendly when he answerd me “Sure!” … and that was the is here! the most unexpected selfie of my story!
Look who posed eh? (Notice that he´s really tall, and I very short!). I have the chance to ask for an autograph in my PVA. “Sure, are you a Cooperator? Give it to me”. He asked my name and wrote a few lines for me in my PVA!
When we went down to the Hall where it would encounter, quickly and without fanfare Don Angel was already on stage, were very close, about 3 meters, and could see his face, his mannerisms, everything!
His speach last about 30 minutes, but I was like dreaming. I can not say whether it was short or long. The Time stopped. His Words resonatee in our hearts, and his advices and recomendatios helped to claryfied ideas and changing my priorities, growing even more, the fire of love that fills my existence.
Was this what they felt who heard the voice of Don Bosco preach? Does that feel when you hug? It’s that actually feels like you know and appreciate you !! … I can still cringe at the thought that I received the embrace of Don Bosco!
That night I could not sleep with excitement. How can we not thank God, because I was with Don Bosco? And I dedicate myself renewing my vocation young, smiling. Finnaly, closed my eyes around 3 am, thinking I did not want to forget anything of this wonderfull September 3erd …

La tan esperada Selfie

The unexpected Selfie