The Salesian Cooperators from the Central American North elected their new Provincial Council

We congratulate the new Provincial Council from the North of Central America, who was elected in the Provincial Congress held in El Salvador during the weekend of November 5 and 6.
The new members are: Carmen Marroquin, Provincial Coordinator; Ruth Burbano, Secretary; Juan Ramón Pirir, Administrator; Noemy Cerón, Permanent Formation; Carla Martínez, Initial Formation; María Lilian Osorto, Apostolate. We thank all of them for their availability and generosity in this service and we´ll pray for them for blessings in all their projects.

Angel Orsenigo, Coordinador Nacional El Salvador;, Raúl De León, Coordinador Nacional Guatemala; María Lilian Osorto, Apostolado; Ruth de Burbano, Secretaria; Carla Martínez, Formación Inicial; Carmen Marroquin, Coordinadora Provincial CAM Norte; Juan Ramón Pirir, Administrador; Sor Ana Luisa Vega, Delegada FMA; Noemy Cerón, Formadora Permanente; P. Angel Prado, Delegado SDB y Gislena Mazier, Coordinadora Nacional Honduras

Angel Orsenigo, Coordinator El Salvador; Raúl De León, Coordinator Guatemala; María Lilian Osorto, Apostolate; Ruth de Burbano, Secretary; Carla Martínez, Initial Formation; Carmen Marroquin, Provincial Coordinator from North Central America; Juan Ramón Pirir, Administrator; Sor Ana Luisa Vega, Delegate FMA; Noemy Cerón, Permanent Formation; P. Angel Prado, Delegate SDB and Gislena Mazier, Coordinator Honduras.  They are accompanied by Francisco Burciaga, World Consultant for the Interamerica Region.